Sidebar Ads Nourishing Your Whole Self book 2Nourishing Your Whole Self: A Cookbook with Feelings

When you know how food makes you feel, you eat better. That is Marci Izard Sharif’s motto.

This beautiful book uniquely categorizes recipes by how they make you feel: refreshed, peaceful, comforted, treated, or indulged. Sharif encourages eaters to be present in their bodies to make authentic, healthy choices when it comes to food—and life overall. She takes us on a journey into ourselves with quick and simple recipes like vibrant “Beet and Bulgur Salad,” wholesome “Veggie Pockets,” satisfying “Lasagna Rollups with Kale,” decadent “Apple Pie,” and luxurious “Chocolate Ganache Brownies.” Why count calories and anxiously restrict ourselves when mindfulness and feeling can lead us toward a healthy balance with everything on our plates?

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Feel for Peace: Guided Meditations

Breathe. Feel the sensations in your body. Tap in to your peaceful core. This eloquent and approachable album guides you on a journey into yourself to help you experience the wisdom and serenity we all have within.

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yoga_meditationAttend Houston Classes

Marci’s classes are equally challenging, supportive, quirky and fun! She loves hot and rigorous yoga sessions which help students burn through layers of stress. Her style is open and candid, and she loves connecting with her students.

During hot hatha, flow, and group fitness classes, Marci compassionately encourages fellow yogis to tune in to the feeling of each pose to increase self-awareness and rev up internal connection. Her guided meditations similarly aim to help students tap in to their peaceful core to leave feeling empowered and refreshed. See class information here.

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