Feel Your Best Tip: How to Make an Intuitive Decision

Feel Your Best Tip: How to Make an Intuitive Decision

6/12/16 — You know those moments where you feel stuck, and you just don’t know how to proceed? Today I have four tricks for tuning in to our gut sense to make decisions that are aligned with intuition.

First: write. It’s amazing, sometimes I feel too lazy to do this, but when I actually start to journal, the answer that I’m looking for tends to show up on the page. While writing, I often arrive at exactly what I need to know.

Second: sleep on it. It’s easy to get impatient, but perspective changes when we take a step back and get some rest. Also, disengaging gives a deeper part of our brains a chance to bring the solution to our attention.

Third: see how your body feels. If that’s new for you, a great trick is to flip a coin. Your answer isn’t necessarily what you assigned to be heads verses tails. Your answer is in your immediate reaction to the coin’s solution. Notice if you feel dread, or relief, or perhaps a zing of excitement! If it’s some semblance of a positive reaction, consider moving that way. If it’s the opposite…well, that’s an answer too.

And finally: move. Get your blood flowing. Take a walk. Do some yoga. Go to the gym. Whatever! Everything happens on multiple levels, so when we shake stuff up in a physical way, we move and dislodge mental and emotional barriers to clarity as well.

If at the end of the day, you do all this and you still don’t know what to do, that’s okay. Give it time. From what I’ve seen, the answer always comes when we’re ready.

Feel Your Best Tip: This is Like Medicine For Me

Feel Your Best Tip: This is Like Medicine For Me

6/5/16 — Today’s tip is a little dirty, but I swear by this.

We all know that exercise is good for us, and it ultimately makes us feel healthy and strong. Well I’m taking that one step further. To really feel vibrant, powerful, and like the best version of yourself… sweat!

I’ve read that when we sweat we release toxins—that everything from impurities in our skin, to junk in our lymph systems, liver, blood, etc., get pushed out.

That all makes sense to me, but all I can really speak to is what I know for sure:  a juicy sweat lifts my mood and rejuvenates me. Every time. As sweat drips from me, tension, frustration, and stress are washed away.

I highly recommend hot yoga classes, but any fitness activity that makes you perspire will do.

If you never sweat, start with a short, brisk walk, and build up. Know your limitations (if you don’t run very often, don’t lace up for a jog when it’s 95 degrees). Be smart! Drink lots of water too.

Working up a sweat can be uncomfortable, but it’s very rewarding. Tell me how it makes you feel.

Feel Your Best Tip: Stop Being Busy

Feel Your Best Tip: Stop Being Busy

6/27/16 — Busyness implies running around and leading a hectic life where we’re constantly exhausted from all the things that we don’t really want to be doing (because if we wanted to do them, we wouldn’t be “busy,” we’d be “great!”).

I started thinking about this earlier in the week after a conversation with my dad about a really hilly bike ride he had been on the night before. He told me about how the group of bikers stopped at the top of one of the hills. They were standing there for a couple of minutes. Suddenly one of the men collapsed. He had a heart attack, and he didn’t make it.

Later that day, after talking with my dad, I caught myself frantically thinking about all the things I “had to do,” and it struck me that my epic to-do list makes me lose perspective of how precious life is, and how it’s not in my control. If we do only get this one life, I want it to be great, not busy.

So for one, I’m going to stop saying “I’m busy.” Words are powerful. Whatever we say after “I am” creates, so I’m not going to use the b word, which only seems to create stress, irritability, and exhaustion.

I’m also going to start considering what’s essential in my life, and what I can let go of.

And one more thing. All this is ultimately in the name of appreciating life, and there is always time for that. I invite you to start this with me right now. Appreciate something in this very moment.

Let’s see how all that makes us feel.

Feel Your Best Tip: How to Break a Bad Habit

Feel Your Best Tip: Break a Bad Habit

6/22/16 — What habits are causing you pain? It could be smoking, procrastinating, nagging, or even slouching!

Maybe destructive thinking: “I’m so fat…,” “I’m not good enough…,” “I’m not as ______ as _______ …,” the possibilities are frighteningly endless.

For me, a big one (right now) is being impatient. I’m laid back about a lot of things but when really I want something, I want it now, otherwise I’m frustrated, anxious and generally pissed off.

To break habits like this, Ana Forrest, a world-renowned yoga teacher, has a “Formula for Change” that I think is really powerful.

The first step is to catch yourself in the behavior.

Then, instead of punishing yourself (which we often do) with thoughts like “I have no self-control…” “I effed up again…” “why do I even bother…”, AND instead of justifying the behavior, take a handful deep breaks. You may even change your physical posture to reiterate this manner of switching gears.

Step three: congratulate yourself for making it to step three! Give yourself a mental high five or even a physical hug. Say good job to yourself, and perhaps find other healthy, creative ways to celebrate your mindfulness as well. You could go for a walk, give yourself a massage, or even book a massage!

The fourth step is to choose a different path: now that you’re in the moment, you’ve taken the breaths, and you’re in an affirmative frame of mind, you might compliment someone instead of nagging, for example.

In the course of this compassionate self-discipline, start to ask yourself what could underlie the habit and pain it’s associated with. Over time, that inquiry can lead to a whole new dimension of habit-breaking, and transformation.

Feel Your Best Tip: Do This to Raise Your Confidence

Feel Your Best Tip: Do This to Raise Your Confidence

6/15/16 — You know those moments when you feel like you’re in over your head–when you’re nervous, insecure, or just freaking out?

Today’s tip can help you get your mojo back.

I do this all the time. My TV/speaking/teaching roles can be intimidating. When I go into these venues, I have plenty of insecure moments in my head. But here’s what I do.

I let those sabotaging thoughts glide right by. I breathe deeply, press down in my feet to feel grounded, and stand up tall.

When I need more of a boost, I do these things in a private bathroom stall where I can either stand like Wonder Woman with my hands on my hips, or boldly stretch my arms up in the air. I usually say a prayer at that point too.

There’s all kinds of research about how our body language doesn’t just impact how others see us. It also affects how we see ourselves. Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, says two minutes in a power pose (like I do in the bathroom) actually causes chemical changes in our bodies that help us feel more secure.

So in moments where you feel self-conscious or vulnerable, instead of standing in a way that projects that (arms crossed, touching your neck, shoulders rounding forward, etc.), take on a power pose instead. See how that makes you feel!

Feel Your Best Tip: Do This When You’re Bloated

Feel Your Best Tip: Do This When You’re Bloated

6/6/16 — Today’s Feel Your Best Tip is a natural digestive remedy. It can work wonders when you feel bloated or constipated.

Pour 4 cups of boiling water over 1/2 teaspoon each of cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds. Set for five minutes, then strain out the seeds and drink the mixture as a tea.

If you don’t like the taste, stir in some honey. The flavor takes some getting used to, but I like unsweetened tea, so I drink it plain!

Generally, I like to prepare this in the morning when I feel like I could use a digestive boost. I drink one cup first thing, and keep the rest in a thermos to sip between meals throughout the day. Beyond the cleansing aspects of the spices, just staying hydrated with warm water fuels digestive functioning.

Try this out when you feel unsettled, backed up, or just like you could use a gentle cleanse and restoration. See how it makes you feel!

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