Feel Your Best Tip: How to Move “Bad Energy” Out of You

Feel Your Best Tip: How to Move “Bad Energy” Out of You

9/13/16 — Today’s tip is for when you get cut off, someone irritates you, you’re feeling self-conscious, or anytime you’re generally bothered in any way.

When any of that shit happens, take a step back, almost like you’re stepping outside of yourself, notice the narrative in your mind and how the experience feels inside you. Simply observe.

I was frustrated after an argument recently when I remembered to do this. I noticed that my whole body was super tense. It felt like I was tightly holding onto something (which was interesting because I was definitely clinging to one little thing in my mind too!).

So I noticed that, I took a deep breath, and I let my body relax. My face un-crunched. My shoulders came down. I was still annoyed, but I was relaxing with that.

This isn’t easy to do in the heat of the moment. But when I do step back and soften in my body, I become less resistant to the energy of the moment so it moves through me more fluidly. It’s not comfortable, but it helps me accept what’s going on and viscerally let go.

Instead of closing-off, feeling and releasing helps us to genuinely move on without residual tension weighing us down.

I learn something about myself every time I do this. It also makes me feel clearer, lighter, and even proud of myself! See how that makes you feel.

Feel Your Best Tip: Find Delight

Feel Your Best Tip: Find Delight

8/30/16 — I honestly didn’t really understand this concept at first. I asked my friend if eating cookies and watching TV counts. She didn’t condemn that, but told me to do something else too.

It made me realize that I stopped “playing” years ago. Now I work, and the things I do for fun tend to either be based around consumption or they’re still work in some capacity. Maybe you can relate.

So now I’m paying more attention to the activities that really light me up and truly bring me joy.

Kind of by accident I discovered that singing and dancing–with no shame–is one. Snuggling is too, either with my fiancé or my kitties.

Everything in life works better when joy is part of the picture, so this endeavor doesn’t just increase happiness, I think it increases everything good.

With that, I invite you to join me. What brings you unbridled joy? Leave comments on my Facebook page. Share this idea. Let’s inspire each other and commit to bringing more delight into everyday!

Feel Your Best Tip: A Tool to De-Stress

Feel Your Best Tip: A Tool to De-Stress

8/23/16 — Many of us have perpetually tight necks and jaws. Chalk it up to chronic stress.

All that rigidity signals fear to the rest of our bodies which shows up in the form of exhaustion, irritability, cloudy thinking, an upset stomach, constipation, general anxiety… you name it.

While getting rid of that stress is a bigger conversation, there are some things we can do physically to stop that destructive train of events.

A big one is learning to relax the neck. That alone signals relief and relaxation to the nervous system, instead of the opposite.

A few times a day, take this simple neck stretch: let your ear fall toward your shoulder. Focus on the sensation in the lengthened side of your neck. Breathe deeply and soften. Then do the other side.

This is super simple, but it works. I find that a relaxed neck makes me feel more calm. It helps me think more clearly too. See how it makes you feel!

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Feel Your Best Tip: Notice the Voice(s) in Your Head

Feel Your Best Tip: Notice the Voice(s) in Your Head

8/7/16 — For me, those voices tend to be going at all times. The narrator in my head judges, assess, compares, runs through to-do lists…it doesn’t stop. And while it can be a helpful companion when it comes to getting things done, it also can out of control and destructive.

When I’m lost in my head or caught up in that internal dialogue, I’m not really listening or present. I’m also a lot more critical.

Take a moment now to see if you know what I mean. Listen to the narrator in your mind.

Having awareness of this is the first way to be less dominated by it. On top of that, I also highly recommend meditation to help build mental muscles and strengthen our ability to recognize that voice and not be so affected by it. Even just a few minutes a day can make a difference, and it’s really worthwhile to be able to enjoy life more and be less held back by our own devices.

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Feel Your Best Tip: Meditate. NOW

Feel Your Best Tip: Meditate. Now!

7/27/16 — By this point, you probably already know that meditation is “good for you.”

Benefits include everything from a clearer mind, to better sleep, to enhanced immunity… reduced signs of aging… the list is long and impressive!

But perhaps you feel like it’s hard to find the time?

Well right here, right now, let’s take 5 minutes. Follow the guided meditation in this video clip:

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