Try a New Fruit

Try a New Fruit

2/15/16 — I just got back from Brazil, and I’m having tropical fruit withdrawals.

I know, cry me a river, but seriously, the produce down there was nothing short of fantastic. Not only were the mangoes and papayas to die for, I also discovered some mouthwatering new stuff. Have you ever had a sugar apple? It’s that green one.


Sugar apples are admittedly a little annoying to eat (they have a lot of seeds that you’ve got to spit out), but they’re worth the work. 

Acai and starfruit are pretty incredible too.


I share this because it inspired me to search for more than just apples and bananas today when I went shopping. One of my purchases is this orange guy—a persimmon—which I’m not really sure how to eat, but one way or another is going to be good.


As it turns out, most grocery stores do have at least a few “fancy” fruits, and specialty stores have even more. My fiance and I like to stop at the Asian market from time to time to buy different varieties of produce (if you go to the right place, it can be super cheap).

So join me and try something new! Whether you venture to an ethnic market or just look around for something you’ve never tried before at your local grocer, let’s be daring together. You may have to google how to eat whatever you pick up, but it’s a playful way to step out of your comfort zone and the net effect of that can be—literally—delicious!

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