A Plea for Real Connection on Social Media

A Plea for Real Connection on Social Media

2/2/16 — One of the things I don’t like about social media is that it can be a platform of perfection.

We’re all naturally inclined to share content that shows us in our very best light. On one hand there’s something to appreciate about that—sharing things we’re proud of is beautiful!

But when only share that stuff, it creates a false “perfect” reality. To be clear, I’m not pointing fingers. I do this.

And, I find that even when I’m in a happy place, scrolling through peoples’ feeds can make me feel oddly stalkerish, judgmental, and small. When I’m not in a good place, forget it.

This doesn’t mean I think we should start unleashing our inner demons on Facebook, or stop sharing the good stuff. But it has made me realize that there’s probably room for me at least to be more open and honest in what I post.

So instead of getting all dolled up for today’s video, I’m showing up the way I often look when I’m at home writing. I’m not wearing makeup, and I haven’t brushed my hair.  I still haven’t showered from yoga, and while I obviously like cleaning up and looking nice (that’s real too), this is the way I look quite often. Not my best.

By sharing this, I hope to contribute to making social media more real (and less destructive), and I hope to connect with you. I definitely feel exposed, but it’s said that vulnerability is crucial for genuine connection, and genuine connection is what gives our lives meaning and joy! More and more, genuine connection is the essence of what I want in life–in social media too.

So while we may or may not be real-life friends, I hope this helps you see me. I would like to see you too. Through this incredible platform we can uplift, inspire, and add joy and meaning to each others’ lives from a world away! (It was actually someone else’s post–who I don’t even know–this inspired this!)

Tell me what you think. I can speak from experience that being real isn’t comfortablebut maybe if we all release some of our image consciousness, an ironically more perfect world will appear.

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